Thirteen Things I Enjoy About CBS’ Moonlight


I’ve seen the Thursday Thirteen meme showing up in several places, so I’m giving it a go too.

1. Alex O’Loughlin
2. Sophia Myles’ Beth Turner isn’t a damsel in distress. In fact, she’s saved O’Loughlin’s character Mick in two or three episodes now.
3. The show’s mix of angst and humor. (The ouch scene.)
4. Alex O’Loughlin
5. Jason Dohring. Never saw Veronica Mars. Now I wish I had.
6. To quote Sarah Stegall at SF SFScope: “Beth is strong, intelligent, and brave; Mick is sensitive and vulnerable and moody.”
7. The Fortress of Style that is Mick’s apartment.
8. Alex O’Loughlin
9. That I’m strangely not annoyed at Beth’s Fortress of Shabby Chic apartment.
10. Duran Duran. Just watch the second episode and you’ll understand.
11. Vampire solidarity. Rah Rah.
12. The anticipation of finding out who Josef’s sire might be. Down the road. In season two or something.
13. And oh yeah, Alex O’Loughlin

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