Girl Power1. Think Geek’s #include . Except for me it’d be in PHP: php include (‘love.php’);
2. Roses at #FF0000
3. There’s No Place like
4. All My Base Are Belong to You
5. Schrodiger’s Cat is Dead
6. SciFi Chick (Don’t tell SciFiChick!)
7. All Damsel, No Distress
8. 3.14159
9. Cu Ti
10. Colonial Viper Squadron
11. Girl Power!
12. Hot Topic’s Princess Leia t-shirt that said “Someone’s got to save our skins!”
(I can’t find it online anywhere. If anyone knows of it, please leave a comment.)
13. Dark Side of the Garden

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4 Responses to “My Thirteen Favorite Geek Girl T-Shirts”

  1. Hey! I’m in the midst of creating a cafe press store too.. guess I can’t claim copyright infringement. lol

  2. I love Number 3! But that’s because that’s the one I understand the most! LOL! I’m not even CLOSE to the geek you are! Smooches…..

  3. Oh, I remember how excited I was about that “all my base are belong to you” thing. I played it over and over. Thanks for the blast from the futurey past.

  4. They all look good but I don’t think I’d look good in any of them….

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