More on Science Debate 2008

Salon has a great editorial by Shawn Lawrence Otto on the recent Science Debate 2008 initiative, of which I have joined in promoting.

SD2008This initiative calls for the U.S. Presidential candidates to “share their views on the issues of The Environment, Health and Medicine, and Science and Technology Policy.”

Read the whole article, but this boils it down nicely for me:

Nearly all of America’s major policy issues, ranging from global warming to stem cell research, energy policy to pandemic-disease control, data privacy to healthcare, national defense to ocean management — or a manned mission to Mars — have science and technology at their heart, providing considerable dangers and immense opportunities. Successfully grappling with these issues, and more like them, will require policymakers to have vision and a more thorough understanding of science than ever before.

So, while you’re reading that, I’m going to get back to learning about polymer-laced scaffolds that mimic key neurotransmitters for nerves. Science research rocks.