1. Dangerous Strangelets
2. Traversable Dark Matter
3. Cosmic Strings
4. The Quasars
5. Quantum Foam
6. D-branes
7. The Tenth Dimension
8. The Superstrings
9. Degrees of Freedom
10. Mike and the Quantum Mechanics
11. The Gravitons
12. Decoupled
13. Event Horizon (oh wait, that already is a band)

BONUS: Plasma

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3 Responses to “Thirteen Potential Physics Band Names”

  1. Hee hee! Nerd girls ROCK!!! My favs are #1 and #12. Although that might change once I go read what all of these mean! LOL!

  2. Ha, ha love the Degrees of Freedom not sure why that one struck me. LOL great list 😉

  3. Thanks! I should have made #9 “98 Degrees of Freedom.”

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