Have you mastered playing Guitar Hero? Ready to move on to the next level of XBox 360? Try out some of the possible future versions below. Check out Accordion Hero below (I just want to know why Elvis is playing the accordion):

I really can’t take personal credit for this list. The AppleJedi and his work buddies came up with most of these. I did personally come up with #8 though.

1. Harp Hero
2. Ukulele Hero
3. Accordion Hero
4. Pan Flute Hero
5.Triangle Hero
6. Tambourine Hero
7. Bagpipe Hero
8. Bongo Hero
9. Spoons Hero
10. Washboard Hero
11. Harpsichord Hero
12. Symbols Hero
13. Harmonica Hero

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[Just for you, AppleJedi]

2 Responses to “Thirteen Future Versions of Guitar Hero”

  1. Hey now, I play a MEAN washboard, you better watch where you poke fun! 😉

    (these are freakin hilarious!)

  2. I think there was a game at some point where you DID have to play the bongos, only the bongo made your little car move faster…some kind of Diddy Kong thing??

    Happy TT!

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