Writing War: Them’s Fightin’ Words

My critique partner, Leslie Dicken, and I were going through our regular whinefest of “Oh woe is me, I can’t ever seem to get any writing done” when we realized how lazy we’ve been, how easy we’ve been tempted by the Dark Side of television, You Tube and Gerry Butler movies. So, we’ve decided to kick each other in the arses to get focused on our current projects. Each Wednesday we’ll each check in with a post on our blogs to (1) report on the previous week’s progress, (2) spell out our goal for the next week, and (3) send out a huge NEENER NEENER to our opponent (OK, sometimes I will offer encouragement as well. Geez, the job of a critique partner is never done…)

Drum roll please…between now and next Wednesday I will finish revising the next chapter of one of my novels. If I fail in this mission I face much humiliation and shame.

Leslie, what say you?