Weekly Roundup

–The Batman in every man. Scientific American analyzes how Batman could exist, but not for long.

–Do I want to be Joan Wilder when I grow up? Dear Author takes a look at what readers get out of the Romance genre.

–Retail over Romance. Salon Broadsheet examines the brand name dropping in young adult novels.

–Remember, yellow side out. (I know, ewwwww.) Live Science talks about how nanotechnology can keep your underwear clean.

–Put away the Raid. Scientific American reports on how natural toxins in plants can fight human diseases and the telltale clue is the presence of brightly colored insects.

–Learn your ABCs, or your ATGCs, rather. From New Scientist, scientists create artificial DNA to run minuscule electronic devices.

–Obviously, I’m the ironic resister type. Slate examines all those web photo shots web sites like Facebook ask you to post as part of your profile. Y’know, on the internet I’m a six-foot-tall blond. In real life, I’m about 10 inches shorter (but, yeah, still blond).

–It’s curtains for you, Dr. Horrible…lacy gently wafting curtains. Wired checks out Joss Whedon’s new web-only movie, Dr. Horrible’s Sing-Along Blog.

–And you thought dolphins were easily excited. This guy deserves his own Boston Legal episode.

–Don’t mock the Sci-Fi writer. Really.

–Fridgehenge! Need I really say more?

–Could have been worse. Could have named it “All your base belong to us.” Chinese restaurant called TRANSLATE SERVER ERROR.

–How long do you think until “ICD-E845.0” shows up on a Cafe Press t-shirt or a Hallmark get well card? There’s a medical billing code for getting hit by a flying saucer.

–Lois McMaster Bujold called it! Doctors predict we’ll soon have artificial wombs.