Weekly Roundup

–Someone’s gotta save your files. Princess Leia Mimobot USB drive. Want.

–Vader crosses the Delaware. Worth 1000 Photoshop Contest.

–Gets those bagel crumbs out of your keyboard. Viscous keyboard-cleaning goop.

–I wonder if they used “frickin’ sharks with frickin’ laser beams attached to their frickin’ heads?” Sadly, all they could find were sea bass. Scientific American reports on how a laser illuminates fragile dinosaur footprints.

–Have I mentioned how exhausted I’ve been lately? SciAm explores how making decisions tires your brain.

–How much you want to bet they come up with seven dwarf planets? Meet Makemake, the fourth dwarf planet.

–How did they know about my nightmare with the band feat two featuring keyboard-playing chickens?

–Why am I hearing Jaws music? Diane Sawyer gets a piranha pedicure.

–It’s more than just the shoes. Batman really does know how to accessorize.

–Whedon re-shooots Dollhouse pilot. Everyone hopes it’s not Firefly all over again.

–I <3 Seth Green. More Robot Chicken Star Wars!

–I keep my mood organ dialed to 481, thanks.* Syd Mead tells all about the “Erotic Machine” that got cut from Bladerunner.

–Create a book trailer for Shomi and Stephen King will judge it!

–FREE BOOKS, people. FREE BOOKS. It’s like a little slice of heaven. Tor is giving away electronic versions of some books to launch its new web site. Quick, go download John Scalzi’s OLD MAN’S WAR, Patti O’Shea’s IN THE MIDNIGHT HOUR, and Tobias Buckell’s CRYSTAL RAIN.

–RITA finalist Emily Gee guest blogs at Writers At Play.

–Dude, that’s way better than Assassin’s Creed. Molecular simulations using Playstation 3.

–Elvis didn’t die. He’s a time traveler. Second Century AD bust looks like Elvis.

–Danger Gal has one of these. And she knows how to use it too. Wasp Knife pumps killer freezing gas into unfortunate victims.

*Setting 481: Awareness of the manifold possibilities open to me in the future. Not a bad mood for when you’re saving up for a new sheep.