The post talking about a pair of shoes I wore at the RWA Conference is up at Esri Rose’s RWA Shoe Blog. Esri says:

Again, higher than they look because of the platform, and aren’t the flowers on her nails a nice touch? Lisa [Linda] Paitz Spindler writes science fiction with a twist, and says these shoes would show that her heroine “knows how to kill a man with a heel.” They do look sturdy.

Esri, dear, my name isn’t “Linda,” but the shoe blog is adorable.

3 Responses to “These Shoes Were Made For Killin'”

  1. D’oh! I don’t know why I got Linda stuck in my head. I named the picture file that at first, then saw it was Lisa and corrected it, then got it wrong on the blog. It’s fixed now.

  2. Thanks Esri!

  3. And the website link is fixed now, too. Sheesh. These things happen when you type on the treadmill.

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