1. How to make a Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar.
2. How to build an alternative Han Solo blaster.
3. How to make an LED blaster.
4. How to knit a Princess Leia wig.
5. How to build a cardboard Boba Fett costume
6. How to carve a Darth Vader pumpkin.
7. How to build a Darth Vader Lego mosaic.
8. How to build a cheap custom lightsaber.
9. How to build a carbonite Han USB flash drive.
10. How to turn your RAZR into a Star Trek tricorder.
11. How to make a Han Solo ‘en-queso’d in carbonite’ queso dish
12. How To make cool Star Wars sound effects with a Slinky
13. DIY Flux Capacitor

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4 Responses to “Thirteen Fun Instructables”

  1. Fun idea indeed enjoying the song below too.

    Happy TT!

    Wishing you and yours health, balance and joy.

    Modern Musings’ Thursday Thirteen 02

  2. The Razr tricorder is a hoot 🙂

  3. Does it show my geekiness if I just bookmarked every single one of those? I will be a busy gal for awhile now!

    Happy TT!

  4. Really awesome!

    Just one question about #2: does it fire first? 😉

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