Thirteen Fun Instructables


1. How to make a Han Solo in carbonite chocolate bar.
2. How to build an alternative Han Solo blaster.
3. How to make an LED blaster.
4. How to knit a Princess Leia wig.
5. How to build a cardboard Boba Fett costume
6. How to carve a Darth Vader pumpkin.
7. How to build a Darth Vader Lego mosaic.
8. How to build a cheap custom lightsaber.
9. How to build a carbonite Han USB flash drive.
10. How to turn your RAZR into a Star Trek tricorder.
11. How to make a Han Solo “en-queso’d in carbonite” queso dish
12. How To make cool Star Wars sound effects with a Slinky
13. DIY Flux Capacitor

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