Don’t Let Rove Play You

I don’t usually post about politics on this blog, but once in a while I feel the need to get on a soapbox. Now is one of those times. One reader letter to Andrew Sullivan particularly struck me today and I’ll quote a few excerpts from it here:

It also occurs to me that in a way McCain and Rove have actually simply taken over the liberal blogosphere in some way. They [liberal bloggers] are being played.

Just a few examples—yesterday Obama gave a fantastic interview at the Service Forum. Did the liberal blogs even cover this? No.

He gave a great speech on the trail. Are his town halls even posted or excerpted? No.

The liberal bloggers have become McCain central. . . McCain and crew realized early this cycle that they did not have a visible internet presence. So what did they do? They took over the liberal presence, they are manipulating the leading liberal blogs, just as they manipulate the MSM. All to their own advantage. And the blogs have all fallen for this hook, line and sinker. Does no one realize this?

Here’s Obama’s Twitter page. Two hours ago he was in Concord, NH at the “Change We Need” event.