SF Signal: The Cape Recap and Review

NBC's The CapeI’m reviewing NBC’s new superhero series The Cape today over at SF Signal. Come check out the erroneous comparisons to Batman, the Houdini connection, or come tell me what you thought of The Cape. A taste:

In the new NBC series The Cape, cop turned crime fighter Vince Faraday plays dead to protect his family as he goes after corporate kingpin Peter Fleming. The muckraking blogger Orwell calls Faraday to this adventure just as he is about to take a job for Fleming’s privatized police force under the Ark Corporation. When captured by the super villain Chess after discovering Fleming’s illegal import of the deadly explosive L-9, Faraday is framed for the murder of Palm City’s new police chief and believed to be Chess himself. Faraday must let the world believe he’s dead in order to clean up Palm City as The Cape.