Book Chick CityBook Chick City guest reviewer Grete recently reviewed THE SPIRAL PATH and gave it an 8/10 saying:

This has to be the best example of science-fiction romance I’ve come across yet…

Mitch and Lara were both brilliant characters and I loved their interactions as they tried to come to terms with past and present events. Both fierce and loyal to their causes and with several reasons to distrust each other, they still managed to overcome them and work together to save Lara’s brother. I definitely had a happy sniffle by the end of the book.

The technology could have become very confusing but it was actually well integrated within the story. It was also very inventive and made for a gripping setting. The Spiral Path itself is an enigma, a doorway to another dimension with the Chimeran’s bridging the gap, with Terra and Creed on either side…

A wonderful, touching and exciting story with all the elements that draw me in; heroism, determination, fierceness and above all, love.

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