BSG: Puzzle or Mystery?

By now I hope most BSG fans have seen the series finale and I don’t have to warn about spoilers. I’ve waited until now to post about the finale because I wanted to ponder it for a few days first. Ultimately, I found the finale simultaneously very powerful and somewhat disappointing. Commenter “mrd” over at […]

The Last Frakkin’ BSG Day

I am simultaneously excited and depressed that BSG is ending tonight. Sure, I’m looking forward to the “The Plan” and “Caprica,” but it won’t be the same. Still, I’m glad they’re ending BSG now instead of running it into the ground like so many other programs have done. Via the Battlestar Blog is the picspam […]

Battlestar Galactica Made Easy

Whether you’re fried on BSG or still hungry for more analysis, here’s a great timeline someone put together. Too bad they misspelled Kobol. (Via the LA Times, via Galactica Sitrep.)

A Dark Ending with a New Beginning

This week I’ve recapped BSG’s “Daybreak Part 1” and put forward my analysis on how the show may be taking place in an alternate universe. I’ve also offered how I think transportation and communication maybe have occurred between the realities. But what about the ending? How do you think BSG will end on Friday? What […]