A New Web Site: I Haz One

My new web site is up! I now have a nifty new navbar above and recent posts available from any page on the site. M latest tweet shows up in the top left corner and I even have a funky tag cloud. What do you think?

Site Back Up

My web site and blog are finally back up and running! I apologize for the temporary inconvenience. My usual blogging will begin again shortly.

Danger Gal RSS Feed Issues

UPDATE: We should be, for the moment at least, spam-free. I’ve eliminated the nasty code that was showing up and installed several security measures to hopefully avoid this problem in the future. I’m now working on tracking down the IP addresses of those responsible. Back to our regularly scheduled programming. I’ve heard from a couple […]

Doc Bushwell's Blogs of Hootworthiness 2008

Well, whaddya know, someone actually reads my blog. And likes it. Thanks so much to Doc Bushwell and Twisted Physics for reading and enjoying the Danger Gal blog. I have so many great plans for Danger Gal HQ in 2009, so please keep reading. Doc said: Lisa Paitz Spindler, a science fiction writer, draws me […]