Eris, Gummy Bears and The Shire. Oh my.

Two posts in two days from me. Can you contain yourself? I just had to post about some fun things I found on the Internets today.

First off, they’ve named the 10th planet Eris, the Goddess of Discord. I think it suits her prefectly, although I think they should have named her satellite General Disarray instead of Dysnomia.

I have to get me a set of the Gummy Bear Tarot. When you’re feeling low, whip out those adorable treats and cheer yourself up. You don’t even have to shuffle a spread, just gaze into their cuddly-wuddly faces.

Last but not least, a new housing development in Oregon called The Shire. I’d love to live there, so long as they promised me I wouldn’t get sued for violating copyright. (Much thanks to Mara for this one.)