Jennifer Jackson has a post on quitting the writing life, and randomfreshink has posted an inspiring response. The last few paragraphs really struck home for me, but most especially:

“You write because the people in your head won’t shut up until you do–and you really do not want therapy. You write because you probably should get therapy. . .

“You make time to write. You steal lunch hours and early mornings and late nights. You fit writing into note pads on short breaks. . .

“You also avoid writing because it’s like a fickle mistress who won’t always put out, but who knows that unpredictable reinforcement is the best way to form an addiction. You also want to avoid writing because sometimes it’s just bad, and that breaks your heart. And you can never write anything that’s as good as the images and ideas in your head because words stumble.”

Keep writing. Don’t ever give up.

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