And still, no Gerry

People magazine just published their “Sexiest Man Alive” issue and it’s once again George Clooney.

Gerald Butler

No surprises there, and for the most part the others listed in the issue are the usual suspects with perfect cheekbones and physiques.

Salon magazine has come out with their own list and it includes the likes of some of my favorite celebrities who didn’t make it on the People list: Alton Brown, Neil Patrick Harris, Richard Dawkins, Alan Rickman and Jon Stewart.

And yet, Gerard Butler isn’t on either list. What’s up with that? What’s wrong with you people? You’d think his role in critically acclaimed Dear Frankie would have gotten him some street cred. Of his role as the Tall Dark Stranger, he said:

“That’s what I love about this. If you just tell the story of what the story’s about, then it sparks curiosity but I think it also arouses suspicion, as you say, that it could be overly sentimental. But it so isn’t. And I think it was all about doing the inner work and then underplaying everything. And so I know for me, that’s what I was constantly thinking was just, “Bring it down. Give it truth. Give it realism.” Because if you can do that and an audience can relate to you as a human being who’s not purely good or purely bad, but he just is who he is, then that’s what sucks you in. In a way, that’s what sucks you in to this beautiful little fairy tale.”

Alton Brown

Salon recognized this bit about geeky chef Alton Brown, but ignores Gerry?

“…when he explains in serious, caressing detail the differences between a chewy cookie and crunchy one, it’s downright hypnotic. And when he strides around kitchen stadium as commentator of “Iron Chef America,” he’s a reassuring authority, an eager fan, and a conspiratorial insider letting you in on the secrets of taming fire itself. He’s the ultimate caveman and the uptight professor, and if that’s not a twofer fantasy figure right there, I don’t know what is.”

Don’t get me wrong, I adore Alton. He’s at the top of my Tivo To Do List. I even know the inside jokes about the puppets. But we need to tell People magazine to get with the hunky guy program.