Multi-tasking Is Joy. . . Not

Tawny Weber over at Love is an exploding cigar reminded me that only four weeks into the new year I’ve slipped on my resolutions.

I already take a book with me wherever I go. It’s the only way I ever have time to read. However, no matter what I read or write I always come back to Romances. My own writing might technically fit best into Science Fiction, but there’s always a love story component that fundamentally influences the characters. Reading Romances reminds me that all our struggles are worthwhile. I feel good about myself when I read them.

My goals for 2007 are simple and tangible though:

  • Spend more time with my family. Specifically, allot at least one night a week where I’m not on the computer.
  • Walk on that dust collector of a treadmill for 20 minutes every other day.
  • Write for 30 minutes 2-3 time a week during my lunch hour. Write as fast as I can and don’t look back until the weekend.
  • Get one of my short stories published (preferably Silent Elegiac.)
  • Live in the moment more, stop multitasking.

Little did you know that while I typed this, I listened to music, drank coffee, tweezed my eyebrows, sang “Old McDonald” with my 3-yr. old, averted world disaster and filed my nails.

So I guess I gotta work on that last resolution.