I Shall Enjoy Watching You DieAh c’mon, there’s at least twelve of us.

But there really are only about three people who will get this one (left).

Hint: my cat’s full name is Onyx Schrodinger Spindler The Hutt.

And he’s not that fat anymore. The guy is half the man he used to be.

Want more LOLCats?

I think we should start an LOLCthulhu.

4 Responses to “Nerd Fun: Schrodinger's LOLcat”

  1. Holy god.

    Odd toota mischka kitty du hutt?

    Bo Shuda!

  2. Ta kur pe je lax ne punu isok!

    Srsly, I must have this.

  3. Or how about this?

  4. That Super Cthulhu is kinda cute. “Able to devour whole worlds in a single gulp! Able to squash heads with just a look! And he likes ketchup.”

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