Danger Gal Friday: Into the Storm, Suzanne Brockmann

Into The StormContent is light all over the internet this week, and Danger Gal HQ is no exception.

I’m not being a total slacker, though, because I do have a Danger Gal recommendation for this week, albeit a bit different than usual.

I’d like to nominate every freaking female character in Suzanne Brockmann’s INTO THE STORM. How do I love these characters, let me count the ways:

  • Alyssa Locke (who really deserves, and will get, her very own post), former FBI sharpshooter and current employee of Troubleshooters, Inc.
  • Lindsey Fontaine, former LAPD police officer and current employee of Troubleshooters, Inc.
  • Sophia Ghaffari, reputed “Mata Hari” spy in the Middle East, but really a tortured woman who’s trying to put her life back together. Despite some horrible experiences, she helped save members of Troubleshooters, Inc. in another book, but shows up again in this one. Current employee of Troubleshooters, Inc.
  • Tess Bailey, CommSpec extraordinaire
  • And, yes, even Tracey Shapiro, who discovers what she’s made of during the course of this story.
  • Finally, Number Five (Beth Foster). Number Five is alive and she’s going to kick your a$$ if you mess with her. She’s also former U.S. Army.

I have to go re-read this book now. Wonder Woman has nothing on these ladies.