Does your TBR Pile Need a Detox?

Last year, one of my New Year’s resolutions was to finally get through my TBR pile. I failed miserably. So this year I had to face the Great Wall O’ Books and be honest with myself. Which books was I really — no really — not ever going to read? You see, many of my TBR pile books were given to me by friends and family. I always consider every book given to me because you never know where your next favorite will come from, but many books I had been holding onto were not in my favorite genres. More importantly, they were getting in the way of the books I really — yes really — wanted to read. They were toxic to my TBR pile.

SF Signal Podcast: What Was Your Gateway Genre Novel?

Listen in while the SF Signal Blog Army discusses Asimov, Clark, Tolkein, L’Engle and all sorts of other authors. Be sure to let us know if you agree or just to tell us what novel introduced you to the science fiction genre.

Books Read 2009

Once you see just how few books I read in 2009 (especially in comparison to previous years), you’ll understand why I’ve taken up the TBR Challenge. 1. VEIL OF MIDNIGHT, Lara Adrian 2. AGENT TO THE STARS, John Scalzi 3. PERSONAL DEMON, Kelley Armstrong 4. DRAGON’S LAIR, Denise Lynn 5. MIDNIGHT CRAVINGS, Nocturne Anthology 6. […]

2010 TBR Challenge

Avid Book Reader is once again hosting the TBR Challenge where readers are invited to: The TBR Chal­lenge is a chal­lenge set up to assist read­ers who are seri­ous in reduc­ing their tbr piles. Take a look at your accu­mu­lated stacks of books and decide if you want to par­tic­i­pate this year. The rules are […]