Weekly Roundup

–The ultimate accessory, “fashion with bite”: a leopard print, “red-hot-red” or pink electronic stun gun from Taser. Me, I’ll take one of the music player holster versions, please. You sure there isn’t a pink one encrusted with crystals in a Hello Kitty design? (via Slate’s Human Nature column)

–Stumble Upon Me. Someone has not only Stumbled Upon Danger Gal HQ, but wrote a review of my Super Dad post. Thank you! You love me, you really love me?

–Philips has created a pen that can “detect physiological factors, such as heart beat, blood pressure, skin temperature, and finger pressure,” essentially displaying your emotional state on paper. Can that pen write my book for me too? I’m waiting for the day when I can hook my brain up to a computer and “write” a story in my head which it then translates into a document. Yes, I have heard of a tape recorder, but speaking uses a different part of the brain and then I get distracted. It’s all in my head, I know.

–I’m infatuated with Debbi Ridpath Ohi’s Inky Girl comic about the Writing Life that my friend Leslie clued me in to. Eons ago I used to subscribe to Ohi’s writing newsletter, Inklings, and loved it. I followed her to Writers Digest, but then lost her when I didn’t renew my long-time subscription. Now I’ve got the Ohi back! Inky love. This isn’t me or anything. Nope.

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  1. Re: taser — snort.
    A coworker who lives in Texas told me about a recent incident where a kid brought a taser to school and zapped two students, then headed for the teacher, before school security stood him off (they had guns, this being Texas we’re talking about, of course).

    I heard something on a recent radio show about how the gun manufacturers were trying to get more women interested in hunting (which is not necessarily a bad thing, IMO) by coming out with a PINK camoflauge rifle.

    Seriously. Didn’t they learn anything from the 50s, when car manufacturers tried to market cars to women by painting them pink and selling matching lipstick? Does that _really_ work?!? I suppose there are some women who are that shallow, so maybe it does (the same way some guys will buy anything with their favorite sports team’s logo on it).

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