Thirteen Of My Favorite Artists and Illustrators

(#13) My 13th Thursday Thirteen!

When I’m not writing this blog or writing my books, I’m a web site designer. So, I have a particular interest in art, and also in the cover art of the books I read. Below are some of my favorite artists in no particular order (and certainly not a complete list):

1. Thomas Canty
2. Susan Seddon Boulet
3. John Waterhouse
4. William Morris
5. Charles Mackintosh
6. Stephan Martiniere
7. Amy Brown
8. Brian Froud
9. Yvonne Gilbert
10. Paul Youll
11. Leo and Diane Dillon
12. Ralph McQuarrie
13. The uncredited artist(s) who created the Luna books Catherine Asaro covers for THE CHARMED SPHERE, THE DAWN STAR, THE MISTED CLIFFS and THE FIRE OPAL.

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