Thirteen Favorite You Tube Videos


1. Jerry O’Connell’s Tom Cruise Parody (OK, so this one is on Funny or Die, not You Tube)
2. 60 Seconds with Gerard Butler (in classic G-Man fashion, he drops the fooking “F” bomb and he thinks Zach Snyder is sexy)
3. Alex O’Loughlin’s “Here Kitty Kitty” Commercial (before he was famous on Moonlight)
4. Blood Ties Goofy “Sex Bomb” Video (sort of work safe).
5. Moonlight’s Creepy vs. Sexy
6. It’s Raining 300 Men
7. Spartans, tonight, we dine at the Olive Garden
8. Star Wars/300 Mashup
9. The 305
10. Lego Star Wars
11. 300 Spartan Apples
12. Mean Kitty Song
13. Gerry Butler’s Dracula Audition (in Attila makeup)

BONUS: Yes We Can Obama Video

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