Danger Gal Friday: Sarah Connor

This week’s Danger Gal profile is Sara Connor from the Terminator series of movies and the new TV show Terminator: the Sarah Connor Chronicles. I thought I had already written up a profile on Sarah Connor based on the Terminator movies, but a quick look at the archives shows that I haven’t. So, read on!

'Sarah Connor Chronicles

First of all, it seems like a divergence from the TV status quo that this new series is about Sarah Connor rather than John Connor. Sure, there are other shows whose main protagonist is female, but the creators specifically chose to tell the story from the point of view of an over 30 mother rather than her messianic son. A mother has become the world’s savior, and even the promo material bills Sarah Connor as “the mother of tomorrows.”

When looking across the movies and the new TV series, the idea about Sarah Connor that strikes me is her metamorphosis from an average, every-day woman to one take-charge bad-ass you wouldn’t want to meet in a dark alley. In the movies, I appreciated that Linda Hamilton built up muscle for Termintor 2, which outwardly shows the transformation of her character. I always appreciate it when actors make it a point to beef up for a role that calls for it, this makes my suspension of disbelief much easier.

So far, I’m definitely enjoying the new series. The addition of Summar Glau’s Cameron character is an interesting development. As I mentioned in a previous post, I wonder if this machine is based on an actual person in John’s future life.

And did I also say I hope Michael Biehn makes a cameo appearance at some point? Oh yeah, I have said that, haven’t I?