Some writers play music while they write, some can’t stand it. I’ve reached the point where I need quiet when I write, but during the rest of my day I like to listen to songs that remind me of my characters and story so that I can “write” in my head all day long while I take care of other more mundane tasks. If it’s not evident from this playlist, my characters are all quite angsty. I like ’em dark and tortured, it just makes for a deeper character arc.

Here are 13 songs on my current playlist that relate in some way to my three WIPs: AVATAR, REMEMBRANCER and HUNTED:

1. Caught in the Sun by Course of Nature (AVATAR, Jana)
2. One Thing by Finger Eleven (AVATAR, Brannon))
3. Heroes by Shinedown (REMEBRANCER, Meredith)
4. Devil With The Green Eyes by Matthew Sweet (HUNTED, Jake)
5. Going Under by Evanescence (HUNTED, Meredith)
6. Born Yesterday by Forty Foot Echo (HUNTED, Jake)
7. First Time by Lifehouse (REMEMBRANCER, Ian & Elena)
8. Far Away by Nickelback (HUNTED, Jake & Meredith)
9. Invisible Man by Theory of a Dead Man (HUNTED, Jake)
10. You Don’t Know What It’s Like by Econoline Crush (AVATAR, Rodrik)
11. Hemorrhage by Fuel (REMEMBRANCER, Elena)
12. Bring Me To Life by Evanesence (REMEMBRANCER, Elena)
13. Alt.End by The Cure (REMEMBRANCER, Ian)

Bonus: Love’s Divine by Seal (all three stories)

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5 Responses to “Thirteen Songs On My Writing Playlist”

  1. The only one of those that I am familiar with is Hemorrhage by Fuel. My list is up!

  2. I, too, am at the point where I prefer silence in which to write, but occassionally I’ll put a particular song on repeat if it particularly suits the mood of the scene I’m working on.

    “Going Under” and “Hemmorrhage” are both on my Quinn Taylor soundtrack, along with a lot of Metallica.

  3. I’ve never been able to do any serious brain work with music on either. And I’ve only heard of three of these artists! Clearly I have some listening to catch up on. You haven’t steered me wrong yet…

  4. Several of the songs on that list are alternative metal, so keep that in mind. A couple of the songs on this list have also shown up as my Monday Music posts.


  1. -- a metamorphoself of gabrielle

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