Thirteen Reasons To Become A Jedi


Whoz teh new guy

I consulted several bigger Star Wars nerds than me to come up with this list. Many thanks to the AppleJedi, Scott B., and Mr. Fumanchu.

1. You get to spend all day in your robe.
2. Two words: Light. Saber. (“Is that a Light Saber under your robe or are you just happy to see me?”)
3. Electric blue luminescence and death are no match for The Force.
4. You get to fly all of the best ships, pods and speeders.
5. Never have to pay a bar bill.
6. Location, Location, Location. The Jedi temple has the best parking on Coruscant.
7. Get to grow a beard even if it isn’t the Stanley Cup Playoffs (for the guys anyway…).
8. Backflips, you don’t need them, but WTF?
9. Never having the droids they’re looking for.
10. Targeting computer, Pshaw!
11. Negotiations always go well for you.
12. Everything is justified “from a certain point of view.”
13. Only reprisal for losing an entire planet is Yoda dissing you in front of the younglings.

The Jedi mind trick would come in handy when tormenting the cat.
Because tauntauns are warm on the inside.
The ability to see into the future could be very profitable.

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