Newsflash: Scientists Are The Sexy

My group blog, Writers At Play, today is interviewing Romantic Times’ Mr. Romance 2008 2nd Runner Up Jimi Gaskin.

Jimi GaskinWe’ll be giving away prizes throughout the day so be sure to drop by and say hi to Gaskin, ask him questions, or to just join in the fun. Each comment you make enters you to win a prize!

Gaskin is more than just a pretty face, he’s also studying Physics at the University of Hawaii. Interviewer Janice Lynn says that Gaskin is:

Real as in the good-looking guy you had a major crush on while growing up. Real as in the guy next door you wished would notice you. Real as in you don’t suffer worries that your bra would fit him better than it fits you. Real as in someone you’d introduce your best friend to, your daughter to & keep your fingers crossed. That kind of real.

Lynn goes onto point out that Gaskin isn’t overly polished: “You didn’t have a fake tan, veneers, over-styled hair, or muscles that could give a woman a complex about her own chest size. I really like that “realness.”

We hope this future physicist continues keeping it real.