Thirteen Perks of Being Captain of the Enterprise


LOLTrek, Jean-Luc Picard

Image Source: LOL Movies, Star Trek: First Contact

1. You always get the green girl.
2. You have the cushiest chair in the joint.
3. The Captain’s stash of Romulan Ale.
4. You get to regularly say things like “Fire at Will” and “Number One.”
5. At some point, probably due to a rift in the space-time continuum, you’ll get to meet your Evil Twin.
6. Things that don’t work right now will be fixed by Tuesday.
7. If you blow up or crash the ship, Starfleet will just build you another Enterprise.
8. Private Captain’s holodeck hours. (Worf with the Wesley Crusher wig. ‘Nuff said.)
9. You can ditch the Prime Directive whenever you want.
10. Starfleet lets you bring your dog onboard.
11. You’ll inevitably quote Shakespeare at some point, but only in the original Klingon.
12. The self-destruct can always be turned off with your code.
13. Even strange ladies from 1985 will buy you dinner and beer, just ’cause you’re awesome.

Bonus: In TNG, you’re one of the few “red shirts” who returns from away missions.

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