Thirteen Reasons To Save Moonlight


You may have heard that CBS canceled Moonlight. Figures. I hope we get to see Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Miles and Jason Dohring again in other shows very soon. You made a huge mistake, CBS. It looks like even a last minute save isn’t going to happen.

Mick St. John Vamp Eyes

1. Alex O’Loughlin (with fangs and glowy eyes, oh my).
2. Vampire Solidarity. Rah. Rah.
3. We’ll never find out what happens to Coraline after she was carted off by her brother.
4. So many unemployed Freshies.
5. Claudia Black as The Cleaner!
6. We won’t get to see the vampire Lisa again, and so I won’t get to hear Alex O’Loughlin say my name anymore. Say my name Mick! (WAV, 164KB)
7. There are too few great female characters like Beth Turner.
8. Because I will miss seeing the Fortress of Style that is Mick’s apartment.
9. We never found out who Josef’s sire was. That’s just not fair.
10. Alex O’Loughlin (without the fangs and glowy eyes, oh my).
11. We’ll never find out what happened to Josef’s Girlfriend in a Coma (thanks, Recapist, thanks).
12. All that speculation about Mick’s fleur-de-lis jewelry, for naught.
13. No more cheeky Recapist summaries.

Bonus: No more emo voice overs. (Alex: Can you please get another job where you get to read teh emo voice overs? kthxbye)

Mick St. John Vamp Tongue

Both screen caps come from Moonlight Love.

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