You may have heard that CBS canceled Moonlight. Figures. I hope we get to see Alex O’Loughlin, Sophia Miles and Jason Dohring again in other shows very soon. You made a huge mistake, CBS. It looks like even a last minute save isn’t going to happen.

Mick St. John Vamp Eyes

1. Alex O’Loughlin (with fangs and glowy eyes, oh my).
2. Vampire Solidarity. Rah. Rah.
3. We’ll never find out what happens to Coraline after she was carted off by her brother.
4. So many unemployed Freshies.
5. Claudia Black as The Cleaner!
6. We won’t get to see the vampire Lisa again, and so I won’t get to hear Alex O’Loughlin say my name anymore. Say my name Mick! (WAV, 164KB)
7. There are too few great female characters like Beth Turner.
8. Because I will miss seeing the Fortress of Style that is Mick’s apartment.
9. We never found out who Josef’s sire was. That’s just not fair.
10. Alex O’Loughlin (without the fangs and glowy eyes, oh my).
11. We’ll never find out what happened to Josef’s Girlfriend in a Coma (thanks, Recapist, thanks).
12. All that speculation about Mick’s fleur-de-lis jewelry, for naught.
13. No more cheeky Recapist summaries.

Bonus: No more emo voice overs. (Alex: Can you please get another job where you get to read teh emo voice overs? kthxbye)

Mick St. John Vamp Tongue

Both screen caps come from Moonlight Love.

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16 Responses to “Thirteen Reasons To Save Moonlight”

  1. No. 2 should be reason enough!

  2. Never seen it.

    The Pink Flamingo

  3. I’ve heard so many people talk about this. Wish I had of seen it. Happy T13!

  4. I am so going to miss Mick! 🙁

  5. Sandy– Rah rah! You bet.

    SJ & Adelle– You can probably catch it online at CBS (for now anyway) if you want to see what all the fuss is about.

    SciFiChick– I know! Me too. Sigh.

  6. I’ve never even HEARD of this. I had no idea that Jason Dohring was in another show after Veronica Mars.

  7. Don’t give up on us Lisa – a “last minute” save is never out of the question.

    Vampire Solidarity, rah rah rah!

  8. You are not alone in being disappointed about Moonlight. Don’t give up hope! There are a lot of people at Moonlightline.com, Moonlight-United.com and a lot of other sites working to find a new home for our show.

  9. Too many unanswered questions!! How many freshies? Sired anyone? Someone somewhere surely has got to pick up Moonlight its one in a million.

  10. Don’t count out the “last minute save!” Fans from around the world have come together and purchased full page ads this week in both Variety and The Hollywood Reporter, advertising an 8-million strong “fanbase for sale.” Efforts are ongoing to promote Moonlight as an excellent programming option for any network less short-sighted than CBS. For information about fan-based efforts to save the show, check out Moonlight-united.com and Moonlightline.com .

  11. All very good reasons and so many more. Who gave Talbot the list? There are so many more Moonlight fans out there still fighting for this show.

    Vampire Solidarity, Rah, Rah Rah!

  12. Reasons to miss Moonlight?
    Unanswered questions,
    Alex’s coats
    Alex’s shirts
    Alex pj bottoms!
    Sophia’s daft grins
    jasons fab one liners
    I could go on!!

  13. Yep. I’m still grieving the loss of this great show, like it was a good friend. Can’t believe that CBS was so… so… mean? shortsighted? politically blinded?

    Thanks for writing about it. So many still don’t know. Hope to see you on Moonlightline or Moonlightfans sometime. I’m not giving up!! 🙂

  14. Jason you are my live you are so handsome and same with Joef

  15. i am so pissed that they canceled Moonlight, it was such an awesome show. I am such a die-hard Moonlight and vampire fan….and Mick and Josef will forever live in my heart. Always and forever.

  16. i am so pissed that canceled moonlight, it was such an awesome show. I am such a die-hard Moonlight and vampire fan…….and Josef will forever live in my heart. Always and forever.

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