Weekly Roundup

Will Write for Chocolate

-Physics is important. How did Debi Ridpath Ohi know this about me? Next thing I know she’ll be telling everyone about my secret crush on Michio Kaku. Oh wait. Frell.

The first rule of Quarrel Club. Ye Olde LOLManuscripts.

Godwin’s Law of Romance. They thought Shakespeare was a hack too. Don’t be a sheep.

PZ Myers discovers befanged man-titte. The Smart Bitches reply.

Writers Block. Part of Slate’s series on procrastination, so just read this one tomorrow.

Do you think he lives in his mom’s basement? Church of the Jedi

Captain Kirk Analytics. Lucy. In. The. Sky. With. Diamonds.

LOL Movies: Star Wars. I can haz akademy?

Why the Demetrius on Battlestar Galactica is a sweatbox. I hope someone packed deoderant.

Because breasts weren’t already multitasking. Will they glow in the dark now too?

-Eat your green beans and remember that Moms can be nerds too.

Strong female characters really are important. Buffy helps one servicewoman deal with The Big Bad in Baghdad.

-Get ready to rumble! Author Lynn Viehl reports in on Alton Brown’s Iron Author America. And the secret ingredient is B-Neg.

-I <3 Sheldon from The Big Bang Theory. Now I can have tshirts just like his. Shazam!