Target: The Female Niche Market

Yesterday over at my group blog, Writers at Play, we were talking about how marketers sell products to women. Most of the time they (1) make it smaller (there’s a naughty joke there, but I’m not falling for it), (2) make it pink (and another joke I’m not falling for), (3) put rhinestones on it (you really go there?) or (4) put Hello Kitty on it (oh, that’s just too easy). Sometimes marketers actually use sex, like when using a hot construction worker to sell Diet Coke or x-ray vision to sell Bud Light. (Click on over to Writers at Play to see those commercials).

Now Sarah Haskins is poking fun at the marketers, which they deserve after thinking that a demographic who makes up over half the population is a “niche market.” See the video below. Broadsheet is right, Jon Stewart really should hire Haskins.

Hat Tip: Salon Broadsheet