So, this showed up in my Gmail in-box this morning from the SciFi Channel and I am amused by my stream of consciousness reaction to it.

Atlantis Glam Photo

— Oh yay! Atlantis is back!
— Hello there, Rodney in leather with the meanie face. (Nerds are hot. Sometimes.) Like all the leather…especially if John had one of those leather jackets…
— Teyla’s back! Yay!
— Ah good, so is Ronon…with the fake dreds…why would he cut those?!…
— Oh wait a darn pickin’ minute there, bucko. There’s three white guys front and center (Woolsey. Why oh why?!), the two minority characters are off on the fringes of the photo, and then there’s the one remaining waify white chick (she was on Firefly, so OK).
— Sigh.
— I miss Samantha Carter…And Elizabeth Weir…And Vala.

One Response to “Atlantis in the Stream of My Consciousness”

  1. Sigh is right. Idiots. Strong, sexy women rock — nerdy male SG fans love them, nerdy female SG fans love them. What’s wrong with this picture? The people who cut the strong female characters out of the plotline should know better.

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