Live-Blogging Stargate: Atlantis "Whispers"

Pyr editor Lou Anders has hinted that the latest episode of Stargate: Atlantis “Whispers” offers some kind of Pyr plug. So, I’m live-blogging the episode until I figure out what it is. I’m about 40 minutes behind the live broadcast on TiVo. Hey, I had pages to write! (First rule of live-blogging: make sure you […]

Mallozzi Palooza

Try saying that three times in a row while rubbing your tummy. Following a link off of IO9, I checked out photos from the recent shoot of Stargate:Atlantis’ “Whispers” episode on Joseph Mallozzi’s blog. Right then a trifecta whammie of SF goodness exploded. (1) Former BLOOD TIES actress Christina Cox looks to be in the […]

Atlantis in the Stream of My Consciousness

So, this showed up in my Gmail in-box this morning from the SciFi Channel and I am amused by my stream of consciousness reaction to it. — Oh yay! Atlantis is back! — Hello there, Rodney in leather with the meanie face. (Nerds are hot. Sometimes.) Like all the leather…especially if John had one of […]

New Commander? Could have fooled me.

Marginalized much? The picture in this post showed up in my In-Box this morning from the SciFi Network to remind me to watch the season premiere tonight of Stargate: Atlantis. Like I needed a reminder, but we won’t go there. . . If I knew nothing about this show, from this picture I’d guess that, […]