Live-Blogging Stargate: Atlantis “Whispers”

Pyr editor Lou Anders has hinted that the latest episode of Stargate: Atlantis “Whispers” offers some kind of Pyr plug. So, I’m live-blogging the episode until I figure out what it is. I’m about 40 minutes behind the live broadcast on TiVo. Hey, I had pages to write!

(First rule of live-blogging: make sure you don’t accidentally delete half your post. Second rule of live-blogging: there is no live-blogging if you delete your frakking post and have to rewrite part of it. Read the rest of this post from the bottom up.)

10:59 PM Well, I’m a dweeb. I didn’t see no stinking Pyr reference. My bad.

10:57 PM Does Rambo ever run out of ammo? Hey, Dusty lives!

10:54 PM Down the well. Do you want the red pill or the blue pill? Ally doesn’t feel well. Dusty, your time is up.

10:52 PM Shep, you lost your C4? Does it need to be pinned to your jacket?

10:46 PM Red Shirt tagged two. You go girl!

10:45 PM They really can’t keep track of their doctors, can they?

10:44 PM Red Shirt/Dusty: “Ally, you OK?” Ally: “Yeah, I’ve now been infected with the Thriller Zombie XYZ Virus and in 3 minutes will rip your heart out, Red Shirt Gyrl, but yeah, I’m great. That’s a sweet pink lip gloss you’re rocking there.” Red Shirt: “Thanks, I got it at Target. You think it goes with my camo?” (Bad, BAD, Lisa. I actually love these characters.)

10:39 PM This SF story has officially become a horror flick — Carson: I Am Legend.

10:27 PM I really want to see Sheppard do the Moon Walk.

10:35 PM Gills! Like a squid. Cthulhu is hungry!

10:33 PM Run, Forest, Run! Gee, do you think they’ll kill off Carson a second time? You rock, Red Shirt. Oh, I mean Dusty. So, Carson’s new squeeze is going to be turned into a Thriller Zombie.

10:32 PM Testosterone at work, people. Frell. Carson cocks his gun and almost kisses the girl. You go boy. “Dear Lorrrrrrd.”

10:31 PM “I know I have this adorkable Scottish accent and I’m just a doctor, but FRAK I’m a MAN! I shouldn’t have let that pretty girl with the pink lip gloss go out there all alone! Her name is actually Dusty? That sounds like a Judy Blume novel.”

10:30 PM Those radios are about as reliable as the Enterprise’s inertial dampeners.

10:29 PM “It was me!” says the villager. “I released the hounds! My bad. OOPSY?”

10:26 PM ‘Cause This Is Thriller, Thriller Night! And No One’s Gonna Save You From The Beast About to Strike!

10:25 PM Carson and Allison sitting in a tree, K-I-S-S-I-N-G… [This is where my powers of observation need some tweaking. To be fair, I was distracted by the burgeoning romance.]

10:23 PM Creepy voodoo doll. Go ahead, Red Shirt, stab it, see who screams. That is one great shade of pink lip gloss Red Shirt is wearing. Do you suppose she brought that in her flak jacket?

10:22 PM Red Shirt, counting down to your demise. 10-9-8…

10:21 PM Red Shirt has the best lines.

10:18 PM Wakey, wakey time, Big Bad Michael Experiment Dude.

10:17 PM Bad guys who need killin’. Big Giant Red Shirt. Hey, Twitchy Guy! I’ll take a Cafe Mocha with whip cream, thanks.

10:16 PM Why is Sheppard wearing a turtleneck anyway?

10:13 PM Gee, I wonder what villagers Michael experimented on? McGillion has one of the most delicious fake Scottish accents.

10:12 PM Yes, in the third year of Hogwart’s we learn the spell for cloning Dr. Beckett. Beckettis clonarius! Michael just conveniently left a Human-Wraith hybrid laying around in his abandoned medical facility. Gotta love Mikey!

10:10 PM Sarge, quit knocking on that window. Don’t you know you’re wearing a red shirt?

10:10 PM What I would give to see Sheppard’s “Cardio-Funk Workout.”

10:07 PM Team of girls. The best and the brightest. LOVE IT! Can I nominate them all as Danger Gals?

10:03 PM For the fans, here’s Carson. But he’s leaving again because the writers killed him off and he doesn’t have a permanent contract. Plus, if Beckett came back, what would Keller do?

10:02 PM Hello Christina Cox! And holy frak it’s Ezri, I mean Nicole de Boer. This episode just passed the Bechdel Rule Test.

10:01 PM Twitchy guy in the forest. Things that make you go hmmm….

10:00 PM Two guys crouching through the forest. One of them bears a passing resemblance to a certain Pyr editor. Anders, have you been moonlighting on Stargate?