Weekly Roundup

A long time ago, in a galaxy far, far away. An arm of the Milky Way launched our sun thousands of light years from its birthplace.

Aye, matey. Rose Fox over at Publisher’s Weekly’s Genreville blog confesses her yearning to read about space wenches.

Curve appeal. Yet another marketing attempt to get women to buy hi-tech gadgets by making it pink.

There are no synonyms. SF writer Elizabeth Bear talks about the importance of specificity.

The Twitties. It’s not what you think.

Even amorphous semi-organic blobs want to be loved. Is that so wrong? The Top 20 excerpts from a Romance novel written by a Science Fiction writer. (A 32-inch tongue. Rly?)

A pretty cool Danger Gal list (too bad the title of the article ruins it). Top 26 Bad-Ass Action Movie Babes

Much to Scotty’s chagrin, anti-matter is likely rare and way out in the boonies. Scientists postulate about the nature of anti-matter.

It’s not the beer calories causing the man-boobs. Turns out, not just soy, but all kinds of food contain high levels of oestrogen-like chemicals, including beer, wine and roasted peanuts.