Weekly Roundup the Nyquil Edition

I have a cold, but I’ve got good meds. Not sure if that will mean a more quippy Weekly Roundup this week or not. You judge.

–I think they should call it the Cassanova Gene. Monogamy gene found in people

–Don’t “kiki” and “booba” sound like Yo Gabba Gabba characters? Poetry Comes from Our Tree-Climbing Ancestors

–Why can’t we all just get along? Richard Morgan lets go with the sound and the fury over SF sibling rivalry.

–The nano-goo knows all. Nano-coated bullets could help solve gun crimes

–Is an Ogopogo a mythic creature or an 80s band? Do Mythic Creatures Exist? Show Me the Body

–The nuns, they never believed me, but they all rushed to 4:20 Mass. Incense May Act as a Psychoactive Drug during Religious Ceremony

–Now I can watch Heroes and get great abs at the same time. Could a Pill Replace Exercise?

–His Dark Self-Cleaning Materials. Self-Cleaning Materials: Lotus Leaf-Inspired Nanotechnology

–First the earth cooled. And then the dinosaurs came, but they got too big and fat, so they all died and they turned into oil. What would happen to Earth if the moon was only half as massive?

–Barbie has a mental block about Math. Girls Equal Boys at Math

–Of course, the Danger Gal has a closet full of these. Bulletproof bras issued to German police