Inspiration Point

Update: The Writers At Play blog no longer exists, but you can still read Inspiration Point.

I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play about experiencing an Inspiration Point — the role setting plays in a story. Whether you’re a writer finding inspiration in the most unlikeliest of places or a reader who just adores great world-building, please stop on over and chime in the discussion. An excerpt:

I’m probably dating myself here, but do you remember watching “Happy Days” and hearing about Inspiration Point? Back when Ron Howard still had hair, he played Richie Cunningham, middle child of the Cunninghams from the slice of life of 1950s Americana that aired 1974-1984. Inspiration Point was the middle of nowhere place teens went to make-out, but I always think of the title when I’m somewhere that inspires my writing. (And you thought I was going to talk about making out?)

Photos by veeterzy,  Simon Matzinger, and Ivars from Pexels