Danger Gal Friday: The Women of Battlestar Galactica


Since tonight is the premiere of Battlestar Galactica’s fourth and final season, I was prepared to highlight all the great female characters in the series (I’ve already highlighted Kara and Sharon).

But Wired magazine beat me to it. Check out their article: Strong Women Steer Battlestar Galactica’s Final Voyage by Hugh Heart.

Money quote from women’s studies professor Sue Brennan, who screened the show for a course called “Gender, Race and Sexuality in Pop Culture” at Ohio State University:

“On Battlestar Galactica, these are not damsels in distress that the men have to save, and that’s appealing particularly for women of my generation in their late 20s and 30s,” she said. “We were raised thinking about equality and I think Battlestar Galactica attracts women who maybe weren’t interested in sci-fi in the first place but now watch the show because it has so many strong female characters.”