Beat the Slush: My Book on Authonomy

authonomy_logoI recently joined Authonomy, a community/social networking site “for writers, readers and publishers, conceived and developed by book editors at HarperCollins.” The first four chapters of my book THE KINSHIP is now available on Authonomy, so if you’ve been the least bit curious please go check it out. If you like it — and I hope you do — please back my book by adding it to your bookshelf. This will raise the book’s rank and increase my chances of garnering an editorial review.

To get you started, below is the opening hook:


“You know we’re breaking mission protocol.” Lieutenant Jana Randall yanked up her sleeves.
Tang of alcohol, stab of a needle in each arm. The medtech at the rundown clinic hooked Jana to the cell separator that would remove the microscopic markers from her blood, tools the Kinship used to track its agents.

Her partner Rodrik ignored the medtech. “And your point is?”

“Without the Kinship nanomarkers, we’re off the Grid,” she said. “If anything goes wrong–”

“Domek’s scanners will pick up our signatures.” Rodrik slapped microderm patches on his own IV nicks, his dark brows knit together. “Then we’re dead anyway.”

The Domek Cartel sold weapons and drugs all over the quadrant. She had been working with Rodrik to infiltrate the organization for months.

He leaned in close. “They’re starting to trust me. I can’t do this without you.”

Jana nodded. If they closed the deal and secured the information on the cartel’s trading routes, then the Kinship could shut down Domek in the whole sector.

“You can re-inject when this is over. Enjoy the freedom for a change.” Rodrik smiled and kissed her, a quick slip of tongue over lip laced with a note of ginger from their last meal.

She never could say no to Rodrik.