You Like Me, You Really Like Me

Writing is hard. Getting a book published can take years of perseverance. Nuggets of positive feedback always help a writer keep going and I’m no different. Recently, I’ve had some fantastic comments on the first eight chapters of THE KINSHIP from other Authonomy users and I’m so very grateful. I can only hope I find […]

Moving Up On Authonomy

Last week I posted the first four chapters of THE KINSHIP to Authonomy, a social networking site for writers, readers and Harper Collins editors. See my previous post for more details. I’ve had a warm welcome there and my book’s rank has risen over 1500 points, can be found on 22 Bookshelves and three Watchlists. […]

Beat the Slush: My Book on Authonomy

I recently joined Authonomy, a community/social networking site “for writers, readers and publishers, conceived and developed by book editors at HarperCollins.” The first four chapters of my book THE KINSHIP is now available on Authonomy, so if you’ve been the least bit curious please go check it out. If you like it — and I […]