You Like Me, You Really Like Me

authonomy_logoWriting is hard. Getting a book published can take years of perseverance. Nuggets of positive feedback always help a writer keep going and I’m no different.

Recently, I’ve had some fantastic comments on the first eight chapters of THE KINSHIP from other Authonomy users and I’m so very grateful. I can only hope I find an editor and/or agent soon who feels the same way about my story as these people do. I hope they don’t mind me noting their comments here.

But first, here’s a short synopsis of the book, of which you can read the first eight chapter on Authonomy:


Kinship spy JANA RANDALL is yearning for a mission to redeem herself and her career after the suspicious death of her partner. When she’s captured on a black ops mission to distant Ico, Jana is forced to share her mind with the memories of a long-dead queen and redemption seems beyond her grasp.

Once escaped, Jana finds herself thrown between a far-reaching conspiracy to reclaim a lost golden age and a bid to control a narcotic that could enslave or liberate the Iconnu. Randall must team up with religious leader BRANNON BAYNE to seize command of a particulate matter shield before the planet’s periodic variable star flares.

A dynastic invading group, a drugs and arms cartel, and a secret cabal all struggle with the Iconnu to control the bloodstar plant, whose super anti-oxidant properties affect all life on Ico at the molecular level and whose life-cycle is tied closely to the solar flare.

THE KINSHIP tells the story of a spy’s redeeming mission, a revered leader’s desperate journey, and a warring planet’s only hope.

Authonomy Reviews of THE KINSHP

“Slick sci-fi elegantly done. . .fantastic writing and a story worthy of the big screen.” —Andrew J Morgan

“This is superior sci-fi. Well crafted, deeply imagined, beautifully told. A polished piece.
The contrast between Jana and Rodrik’s lives and those of Eshana and Brannon set the scene for a conflict of epic proportions. The old story of struggling for power, for peace, for a world you believe in, is about to be told anew, in a fresh and exciting way. Gripping stuff…Definitely one to watch, this.” —Cas Peace

“This is a fascinating idea, Lisa! I love the premise and how the story is unfolding, Jena and Rodrik are interesting characters! I’ll be back to comment when I’ve finished the partial – just want to let you know I’m giving this a spin on my shelf to help your rank!” —Melanie M

“Your story caught my attention because I was searching the site for a good spy story. Did not realize it was science fiction, nevertheless I enjoyed reading The Kinship. I think you are a gifted author with a great imagination, creating imaginary places and paying particular attention to background detail and character development. You make your story and your characters come alive in the “mind’s eye” imagination of the reader. Well worth a read.” —Jennifer C. Braun

“[M]ost enjoyable – you have alot going on in this chapter – you do have a very imaginative mind – and some mix of the Matrix to boot – this is real good – I was just going to read the first chapter but then I could not stop reading – write more please so I can read more.” —William Y

“This is so weird. It’s like The Matrix meets Mists of Avalon. I like it. It’s very original (I find alternate places / sci-fi worlds always fascinating that someone could think them up in the first place) – lovely stuff.” —Poppet

“Interesting premise and I really like the feeling of authenticity. You have created great tension. It is also very intelligent with great dialogue.” —Christauna Asay

“Well, this is a keeper. The dialogue is awesome; the world you’ve constructed seems real. It has history, depth, breadth and texture but at no time seems contrived. . .I like the characters, not just because they’re interesting but because I actually like them. Fun stuff.” —Geoff Thorne