After reviewing “No Exit,” I needed a new timeline to keep all the details straight. Here’s what I’ve come up with:

B.F. = Before the Fall of the Twelve Colonies

4,000 B.F. Thirteenth Tribe leaves Kobol
12 Tribes remain on Kobol
Temple of Hopes is built by 13th Tribe on way to Earth
3,600 B.F. Pythia Prophecy recorded by the Thirteenth Tribe
3,000 B.F. Lion’s Head nebula beacon created by the Thirteenth Tribe
2,000 B.F. Exodus of the 12 Tribes from Kobol
Destruction of 13th Colony/Earth
Final Five resurrect and travel to Kobol
? Final Five find the Temple of Hopes
Someone reconfigures it as the Temple of Five
62 B.F. Toaster Cylons Rebel/First Cylon War begins
Articles of Colonization signed
50 B.F. Graystone creates Zoe-R (skinjob) with technology stolen from Tomas Vergis*
40 B.F. Final Five return to the system and offer skinjob tech to Centurions
Cimtar Peace Accord, armistice of the First Cylon War
Final Five begin creating Cylon skinjobs
? John Cavil rebels against Final Five and boxes them
20 B.F.** Saul Tigh inserted into Colonies by John Cavil
Joseph Adama meets Saul Tigh on a commercial freighter
Ellen Tigh inserted into the Colonies by John Cavil
15 B.F. Samuel Anders inserted into Colonies by John Cavil; he is a Pyramid player for the Caprica Buccaneers
Galen Tyrol inserted into the Colonies by John Cavil; he serves onboard a battlestar
5 B.F. Tory Foster inserted into the Colonies by John Cavil; she is a precinct captain for the Federalist Party in Delphi
Year 1 Fall of the Twelve Colonies/Second Cylon War

* Graystone creating Zoe-R seems inconsistent with Ellen’s claim that when the Final Five approached the Colonial Centurions only the non-autonomous Hybrids had so far been created. Were the Colonial humans creating skinjobs simultaneously or did the Final Five somehow influence Daniel Graystone’s creation of Zoe-R?

**All insertion dates for Final Five are speculation.

7 Responses to “BSG Timeline”

  1. That Lion’s Head Beacon keeps bugging me. Why is it there? Was it placed before or after the Thirteenth Tribe made it to Earth? If before, why did it take them over a thousand years to cover the distance? If after, why did they place it at all, and why in that location?

  2. Oh man, my head hurts. You are such a nerd. Why do I love you so much? LOL!

  3. The comments used to be styled this way, but when my site was hacked I had difficulty restoring that part from backups. In fact, I had to rebuild the entire theme, so I’ve just now gotten around to rebuilding the styles for the comments. It’s been on my to do list for a while, so I’m happy to finally get it done. Glad you like it!

  4. Nice change on the comments, BTW; much more legible.

  5. Care to give odds that your timeline is blown to hell by some freaky paradox story device in the final episode?

  6. Of course! Everything is probably happening in some version of SIMS and the Eternal Return is some kid hitting the reset button over and over.

  7. Zoe-R is not a skinjob, she’s a proto-Centurion.

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