Books Received

In order to comply with new FTC regulations, I have created a Books Received page that lists every book I have received for free.

Many of these books I received via SFSignal in my role as book reviewer for that site, but sometimes I refer to these books on my own site as well and a few of them I have received personally outside of SFSignal. SFSignal also lists the books it receives for free that it disperses to its volunteer reviewers. For legal purposes, please assume that any book I review I may have received for free, although I do sometimes review books I have personally purchased. Also, please note that sending me a free book will by no means ensure a positive review.

Over the next few days I will be adding to this list, so please refresh the page if you return visit. For more information on these new regulations, refer to Edward Champion’s interview with the FTC Bureau of Consumer Protection’s Richard Cleland and recent posts by Jane Little at Dear Author.