SF Signal Mindmeld: What Does Romance Bring to the Science Fiction Genre?

SF Signal has included me on its latest Mind Meld talking about what Romance brings to the Science Fiction genre. I’m in some great company with the likes of SFWA life member Jacqueline Lichtenberg, Linnea Sinclair, Sasha Knight, B.B. Medos, Susan Grant, Elizabeth Hand, Carina Executive Editor Angela James, SFR Brigade founder Laurie Green, Sandra McDonald, Michael Banks, and Galaxy Express blogger Heather Massey.

A short excerpt of my response:

Science Fiction has a long history of meshing with other genres. A recent Mind Meld on cross-genre novels explored this topic well and cited some great examples. Science Fiction plays well with Romance specifically because Science Fiction is at its best when it is examining how technology of all sorts affects humanity and potential life elsewhere. Romance has many tools with which to accomplish this.