Geeks and Alpha Heroes

I’m blogging today over at my group writers blog, Writers At Play, about the nexus point of Geeks and Romance Alpha Heroes. Bring your Star Wars action figures and come play (I call Chewie!).

Romance is Everywhere, Get Used To It

I’m blogging today over at Writers At Play, this time calling out how the Romance genre is everywhere, even where you least expect it.

My Top Five Favorite Romance Novelists

I’ve been so busy talking about Danger Gals, that I haven’t mentioned much about the Romance genre. My novels could indeed be classified as Romance because there’s always a love story involved and I aim for emotionally satisfying endings. Five years ago I’d say that wasn’t enough, that Romance required a third criteria, that being […]

If it's for the masses, it must be trash. Right?

Right now I’m reading Richard Morgan’s Altered Carbon and am really enjoying it. The New York Times Book Review calls it “Ferociously readable,” and I agree. It’s often compared to Chris Moriarty’s Spin State, which I also enjoyed and read just prior to Morgan’s book. As a budding novelist myself, I like to learn a […]