My most recent review for SFSignal is now available on Covet by J.R. Ward.

REVIEW SUMMARY: Covet (Fallen Angels, Book 1) combines Urban Fantasy with Paranormal Romance, is related to the author’s Black Dagger Brotherhood series, and takes Ward’s world of Caldwell, New York, in a new, darker direction.

BRIEF SYNOPSIS: The fate of the world is in the hands of tough-talking former assassin Jim Heron who teams up with Harley-riding angels against a demon temptress in seven battles for seven souls. In this first installment of the Fallen Angels series, Heron must convince Vin dePietro, a “silk-suited, M6-driving” real estate magnate who loves no one and owns just about everything to make the right choice when he faces an important crossroads. When Vin meets a woman with her own darkness who makes him yearn for more than just a moneyed life, he must first undo a deal with a demon he made years ago to purge his dark side.

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