SF SIGNAL INTERVIEW: Connor Fox of SyFy’s “Mothman”

This week I’m interviewing actor/writer Connor Fox of SyFy’s “Mothman” over at SF Signal.

Award-winning actor, writer, and producer Connor Fox has played opposite Jude Law, Josh Gadd and Cillian Murphy. His current role is in the TV movie Mothman alongside Jewel Staite, which will be airing on the SyFy Channel on April 24, 2010. Connor loves science fiction and grew up watching the original Twilight Zone on the SyFy Channel, a show he calls “the eighth wonder of the world”. Connor’s films include Watching the Detectives, Descent, Kin of You, Invisible Man, and Blood Night. He also won Best Young Actor at the Downbeach Film Festival for his lead role in the indie film Ice Grill USA. In addition to the big screen, Connor also works in television and recently shot two pilots: one for Comedy Central (Evan and Gareth) and the other for FOX (Have You Slept With Me?).

When Connor is not acting, he’s busy writing for both the stage and screen. His newest original work, Sintax, is now in pre-production. He’s also currently writing a Science Fiction feature film comedy/adventure called The Chest, a SciFi pilot and series concept inspired by the original Twilight Zone, and an science fiction comic book series entitled The Last Planet.