SF SIGNAL INTERVIEW: Connor Fox of SyFy's"Mothman"

This week I’m interviewing actor/writer Connor Fox of SyFy’s “Mothman” over at SF Signal. Award-winning actor, writer, and producer Connor Fox has played opposite Jude Law, Josh Gadd and Cillian Murphy. His current role is in the TV movie Mothman alongside Jewel Staite, which will be airing on the SyFy Channel on April 24, 2010. […]

SciFi Channel Rant

I’m kind of feeling like some of these other viewers in the Letters section of Sci Fi Weekly. Both the long-running series Stargate: SG-1 and the newer Battlestar Galactica are ending soon. And yes, it’s always better to go out on top rather than run a series on until no one watches it anymore. But […]